Time of the full moon
New York – 23 November, 12:39 am
Singapore– 23 November, 11:39 am

Full moon is a time for emotional, energetic, and spiritual spring-cleaning and this month the focus is on surrendering and letting go.

This full moon transits in Gemini. This energy encourages us to welcome changes and spontaneity. Mars will be square Jupiter during the full moon, which may make us angry, frustrated and impulsive over the next few weeks. The key to avoiding pain, loss and frustration is patience and surrendering to change.

The meditation below focuses on surrendering. Surrendering allow us to leverage the higher vibrations of the planetary retrogrades.

When we speak about surrendering, we are not referring to giving up on our goals and dreams. But rather, surrendering to the process and trusting it. It’s also important that you trust yourself and your journey.

Sometimes the Universe has things planned for us that may be more incredible than the things we originally intended on getting. And when we surrender, we open ourselves to those possibilities.

The best thing you can do to ensure that you live a fulfilling life, is to follow your heart and trust yourself.

Card Reading


The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle selected these cards as the most relevant message for us. The cards were read after a group meditation under the Full Moon.

The message centers around empowerment  and metamorphosis.

When we step into our power with the right intentions, like the meditation focuses on, we find abundance and solutions effortlessly.

You are the creator of your own fate. Bring hidden talents to the forefront and accept your imperfections. In order to do this, you must ground yourself and face challenges boldly. Your personal power, confidence, and energy are high — use them wisely. Unlock your creativity and you will find prosperity and lasting success.

Tiger’s Eye reminds you that doing what gives you joy increases your well-being and abundance.

Moldavite raises our awareness of our divine origins. It reminds us to release ingrained beliefs to make way for spiritual metamorphosis.

It’s message is to detach yourself from mundane issues as you go through a spiritual transformation. You are far more than a physical body. Harmony at all levels creates your well-being.

Remember to go charge your crystals outside tonight and tomorrow! As Full Moon energies linger 2 days before and after Full Moon.

Guided meditation for surrendering to change and unlocking your power

This is a recording of a live group guided meditation during full moon. Please note that it will still have similar effects, even if it is not full moon when you watch it.

Please drink water before and after the meditation and find a place where you will not be disturbed for 45 minutes
Wishing you an amazing full moon!
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