This is a HUGE one! It is a full lunar eclipse supermoon in Leo. “Supermoon” just means that the moon is closer to the Earth. The full moon eclipse will happen at 12:16AM (New York time) on Jan 21. 

There is amazing numerology within this event as it is on the 21st (2+1 = 3). This is a 3 universal year as well because 2+0+1+9= 12 ; 1+2= 3). So this code is twice as powerful now. 3 represents love, joy, creativity, and self-expression AND Leo is all about self-expression.

Leo’s like to have an outlet to let their light shine—whether that’s writing, speaking, art, or actions. Leo also governs the heart and this month’s message is to know and accept that you are loved and to be comfortable shining your light. 

Eclipses are intense because they unearth the dark and hidden aspects of our personality. These “shadow selves” will come out and give us the opportunity to fully acknowledge these unknown aspects of ourselves—creating greater awareness and clarity.

This eclipse is magnified by the t-square in Uranus, which means that unexpected issues will rise and that you must act on the issue.

Here is a meditation to help you acknowledge, allow, and accept your shadow side.

The message of the Leo full moon: By you shining your light more brightly, you are helping others while getting clarity on your purpose. 

Full moons and new moons amplify your psychic abilities. So meditating with these intentions will be very powerful 2 days before and after the full moon. 

This moon’s message

The most important information we are meant to know right now is related to our intuition–the quality represented by Labradorite.

Your intuition is at its peak and you must keep yourself grounded to access the gift of foresight.

Do not confuse yourself with messages from the ego. Instead, aim for clear insights from your heart while maintaining common sense. 

Labradorite raises your consciousness to connect to mystical dimensions. It strengthens your faith in yourself and boosts intuitive guidance. You can visualize a Labradorite crystal in your meditations to help you tap into your intuition.

Beware of psychic vampires and ensure that you don’t have a “leaky aura.” I have meditations for this.

Below is an affirmation you can repeat to yourself to tap into your intuitive power.

Healing insight: Giving my energy away is bad for my health. I have a healthy interface with the outside world, which protects my well-being.

Here is a meditation to help you acknowledge, allow, and accept your shadow side.

Have an amazing full moon eclipse!

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