Tomorrow we will experience the LARGEST SUPER MOON of 2019!🙌🏼🌛
“Super moon” just means that the moon is closer to the Earth. And this Virgo full moon will be the closest moon to earth all year long.

It will happen on Feb 19 at 10:53 New York time and 23:53 Singapore time.

I will be going to the Island of the Moon in Lake Titicaca Bolivia. Lake Titicaca is the Sacral chakra of the Earth and serves as a portal🌀🌎Ley lines are where the Earth’s chakras cross with energy lines and connect to the other chakras, and there is a feminine ley line at the lake, as well.

People who live around Lake Titicaca say that they frequently see lights and hear strange noises. Some even captured videos of spaceships 👽🛸🌊

There are many Incan temples near the lake and I will be meditating in the Temple of the Moon.

I will create a crystal grid for spiritual growth, do healings, and meditate on the island. I will include all of you in my intentions while I create the crystal grid and bury it in the Island of the Moon🌛🏝️

Email me at to book the above

Virgo Full Moon

Self-care is always important, but on this Full Moon we have to pay close attention and look after our physical bodies as much as possible. Virgo is the ruler of health which is why it’s important to pay attention to our physical health now. Tune into your body and check how it’s feeling—is it time for a new diet, sleeping pattern, or exercise regimen? Ask yourself whether you are treating your body wisely.

This is also the 4th of 5 consecutive full moons at 0 degrees. 0 degrees symbolizes a crux point of radical endings and beginnings–periods of change and transformation.

Virgo rules daily life and this is a good time to create a daily morning or night routine, as well as other habits you want to create.

Please make time to meditate because this Full Moon will expose what we need to release and let go of. 

The Virgo Moon specifically encourages us to let go of over-thinking, worries, and fears of the future. We must widen our scope and prioritize because this Full Moon will show us exactly what needs to be refined, removed, and streamlined into completion in our lives.

Virgo Full Moon Ritual: a lunar elixir for purification


  • A candle and a lighter 
  • Incense, Palo Santo or a smudge of any kind
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • A jug of water – spring, mineral or distilled water are best
  • A glass jar with a lid
  • A spoon or something else to stir with


  • First gather together everything you need. If it’s clear and dry, make a space outside under the Moonlight, otherwise find somewhere next to a window.
  • Light the candle and burn the incense, sage or Palo Santo to cleanse the energy and create a sacred space in which to work.
  • Take a few slow, deep breaths to ground and center yourself, and if you want to, call in the directions, elements, and any other Spirit guides, totems, ancestors or light beings to support and inspire you.
  • Pick up the mint, take a moment to inhale its fresh, harmonizing scent and place the leaves into the glass jar.
  • Say out loud ” With these leaves, I purify…To what doesn’t serve me, I say goodbye”
  • Now with your left hand, pour the water from the jug into the jar of mint leaves, and with your right hand, stir it in an anticlockwise direction.
  • Keep saying the spell out loud as you stir.
  • When you feel complete (after, say, 20 repetitions) stop stirring and put the lid on the jar.
  • Thank any spirits or allies you invited in, and release them.
  • Leave your lunar elixir in full view of the Moon for either a few hours or overnight. If you leave it overnight, be sure to retrieve the jar before the Sun comes up. Don’t forget to also remove the mint leaves from the elixir.


Now you have a lunar elixir, charged with the essence of mint, it can be used for any number of magical (and not so magical) purposes! Here are some suggestions:

  • Anoint your third eye or crown chakra during meditation, to help clear away mental chatter and encourage stillness.
  • Place a few drops in your bathwater to encourage physical purification and detox. You could also add some to your washcloth when rinsing your face for clear skin.
  • Decant some of the elixir into a smaller jar or bowl and place on the threshold of your home or workplace, to encourage that which you no longer need in your life to exit.
  • Place a few drops in your water or herbal tea, to bring clarity.

(ritual courtesy of 

Much love and blessings

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