Hi there!

I hope you are having a beautiful day.

Our world is in chaos but that doesn’t mean you have to be.

Remember, every time that someone or something makes you angry or afraid you are giving them or it your power.

This is exactly why we created Golden Age Alchemy – to help you return back to your power.

In these troubling times how can we stay in our power?

1. Remembering that our thoughts control our emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health
85% of doctor visits are due to stress-related reasons

2. Keeping calm to keep healthy
    A scattered, anxious, fearful, and worried mind cannot find solutions.  Also, stress kills your  immune system.

3. Becoming aware not afraid
It’s important to remain aware of the latest best practices from the CDC to stay healthy and
keep others healthy. But that does not mean you have to be afraid or panic about the latest information.

4. Taking care of the collective
Please check in with your elderly neighbors. Most elderly folks live in different paradigms and actually believe the media to be 100% truthful. And given that the media is a huge cause of this panic, it’s likely that our elderly neighbors are panicking. Remember, we’re all connected and we must care for one another.

5. Continue meditating to boost your immune system and sense of control
    Here’s a meditation to boost our immune system. I’ll send another one this weekend.

6. Acknowledging/preventing the negatives and focusing on the positives
    To keep our students healthy, we will stop doing in-person meditations (I’m really bummed  about this because I love seeing your faces.) Yet, we’ll be collaborating with other healers around the world to do LIVE online meditations. I’m excited about this because it will allow us to reach more people. JOIN US

Where in your life can you focus on the opportunities of going out into public spaces? Yay introverts – time to celebrate! But seriously, is this the perfect time to start reading more, take an online class, spend quality time with your family, or to meditate more?

7. Transmute your vibration while keeping healthy habits
    Dr. McMurry explains how to prevent getting coronavirus in an insightful, humorous way.

This one of my favorite pieces of advice from her:


Some fun alternatives are:

  • hand over heart
  • wakanda forever
  • bow
  • curtsey
  • live long and prosper
  • finger wag,
  • princess wave

…are best.

Me and a healer from Australia are considering doing online meditations for healing and empowerment. This will be a powerful way for all us, from the North, South, West, East sides of the planet to anchor light in these dark times.

Its time for us lightwarriors to rise!

We’ll only do this if we have enough people interested. Are you with us?

Much love,

PS- Remember, Unlimited Beliefs = Unlimited Power

Quote of the day:
“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” -Maya Angelou

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This is not medical advice and should not replace medical advice. Please see a physician if you are feeling mentally or emotionally unwell.