I traveled to Lake Titicaca, Bolivia (the Sacral Chakra of Mother Earth) to connect with the womb of Mother Earth on the Virgo Full Moon on February 19. But I did not expect the power and love that lay in this portal.

Here’s a video recap of my experience (the video and this article have different information). Watch here. We also made healing crystal grids, which are programed to catalyze healing for those who view the image.

Just like us, Mother Earth has chakras. The Sacral Chakra and womb of Mother Earth lays in Lake Titicaca. I was called to come here because over the last few weeks, several of my clients and students that came to me were experiencing issues with their sex organs including cysts, hemorrhages, and pain. Then last week, at a sacred plant ceremony one of the insights a participant received was that the female collective is doing major healing and cleansing of the womb.

All of these synchronicities merged and I was given the opportunity to go to the womb of Mother Earth to do healing for the collective.

The description below is limited, as it is impossible for me to verbalize the unconditional love, healing, and power I felt in this sacred land. Given that this journey was for healing for the collective, I asked the Gods and Goddesses of that sacred space to share some messages with us. Here’s what they said…

We must honor the power of creation. The womb is the essence of creation. However, we have not honored the sacredness of the womb.  The womb and our emotions are connected to the Sacral Chakra but we don’t honor emotions either. Therefore, we are not honoring the god within.

Do you not see that you hold the key to creation? Let go of beliefs about vulnerability and sensitivity being weaknesses. Remove the stories that were implanted in you during your childhood: stories about crying or caring as weakness. These stories are no longer serving us because we are entering a new earth. A earth that honors the divine feminine and masculine and brings balance to this relationship.

Honor the divine masculine and divine feminine in you. Honor your emotions. Honor your body. Honor Mother Earth. 

We have bodies and emotions for a reason. These are crucial tools for us to grow and discover the complex, brilliant, and beautiful essences of our being.  Honor them.

Through this unconditional love, you will find harmony. But this won’t be like your previous notions of harmony. The harmony will live in the essence of your being. So you must honor your essence.

When you do this, you will heal the divine feminine–an essence that has been ignored, subdued, and oppressed until now. We are at the precipice of change and you are a crucial part of this change.

You must return to your heart. This is where your power lies. There is no longer a need to look externally because all of the answers are internally.

Listen and learn to connect to Source. You are Source. Stop looking for a master or teacher because you are your own master.

Source will not be seen by the mind for the mind is of this world and you are much larger than this world. You are everything and once you recognize that, you will understand that extent of your power.

You’ve been giving your power away for so long and now it’s time to reclaim it. You reclaim your power by returning to your heart and expanding it by living through the heart. The truth will always be with you when you do this. 

You will be supported on your journey back to your heart. Be gentle with yourself along the way for there will be challenges and you will stumble, but you always be supported until you unravel your truth.

So go with the wind and follow your heart. It will always lead you in the right direction. When you honor your heart, body, and spirit, you’ll gain the clarity which you sought. Continue on your path for you are supported. Go forth with integrity, strength, and love.

Message from Lake Titicaca and Mother Earth

Please protect me. The fish, the plants, and the animals are in pain. It is your duty to protect us because you are us and we are you.

The healing that you do for yourself is healing for us as well. Create balance for us and this will bring harmony to all.

Message from Gods and Goddesses of the Temple of the Moon

After meditating in the Incan Temple of the Moon (on the Island of the Moon), I asked the Gods and Goddesses of that sacred space for a message for us. Their message was protection.

Black tourmaline absorbs negative energy and provides protection, which enhances your physical vitality. Negative energy can arise from your thoughts, feelings, and stories so it’s very important that you manage your frequencies.

Stay adaptive and capable of adjusting to new places and situations as this is where you will find your greatest growth.

When you trust your intuition you will have clarity of thought and the ability to analyze situations rapidly. Let go of cautious nerves but stay protected.

You know when people wish you ill.  You may be carrying a family or past life curse that is creating dis-ease. Beware and recognize that negative thoughts and actions harm others and yourself.

You will soon see the way through obstacles. Ensure that you are well protected as ill-wishing may be directed your way.

You have the ability to neutralize bad energy without having to harm others. Watch your thoughts and attend to practical matters.

Taking a digital detox supports your body and well-being.

Incan Temple of the Moon
View of the temple from above

Message from Gods and Goddesses of the Temple of the Sun

After meditating in the Tiwanakan* Temple of the Sun (on the Island of the Sun), I asked the Gods and Goddesses of that sacred space for a message for our highest growth. Their answer was creativity.

We are encouraged to control our anger and remain calm during disputes. We must direct our aggression or lust towards creativity – as this allows us to raise our Kundalini.

We are also encouraged not to follow the crowd and to have courage when in danger. We must remember that strength comes from within. Trust your intuition and do not back down when challenged.

We must make time to play as this will enhance our creativity.

Letting go of emotional ties or outdated projects that hold us back is crucial to our growth.

All of this will enhance our souls’ vitality and help us achieve our life’s purpose.

*The Tiwanaku people pre-dated the Incas and held a similar culture to the Incas.

Temple of the Sun
Temple of the Sun

Your Journey to the Sacral Chakra of Mother Earth

During my first trip to The Temple of the Sun in Lake Titicaca I felt my whole body vibrating and tingling. I knew that my DNA was getting upgraded. I then got a download that I should bring people to this sacred space so that they can get their DNA activated.

At my most recent trip in Lake Titicaca, I asked the Gods and Goddesses for permission to bring people to this sacred land so that they can heal themselves. Their answer was “Bring them to heal. We will welcome them with open arms.”

I meditated after getting this response at the Temple of the Moon and I asked what the purpose of the trip will be. The purpose of our journey will be to heal Mother Earth and heal the divine feminine.

This does not mean that only females can come to heal. As we all hold energies of the divine masculine and feminine regardless of our sex. If you are interested in coming to the Sacral Chakra of Mother Earth to receive healing, blessings, and DNA activation this option is available for you.

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