Success Stories from the Alchemy Academy

Align with your highest potential

“My triggers from PTSD have completely cleared. I have been receiving abundance and love from every direction.”

Safely open up your psychic abilities

“I being initiated into my spiritual gifts on a deeper level than I ever knew possible.”

Manifest instantly

“I just manifested over $10,000 in 2 days.”

Accelerate your Ascension

“Unexpected results including having lost 30 pounds…seeing [my monetary investment] come back to me 30 fold, and I am working 30 hours a week less than I used to a year ago. All of this in just one year!”

Accelerate your Ascension

“My life has literally transformed 360 degrees. My psychic abilities have increased exponentially! I am practicing healing techniques and they are working!!!”

Accelerate your Ascension

“My chronic back pain is gone…An abundance of wealth has come into my family which was unexpected, since Dec alone I’ve received over $100,000”

Accelerate your Ascension

Connect with your power

Channel your Higher Self

The techniques you will learn are NOT talent driven, but technique driven. All you have to do is implement the techniques and you will get results.

“In the short time I’ve been with the Academy I’ve been able to set healthy boundaries and let go of relationships that are not for my highest good. I’ve manifested over $75,000 in the last 6 months, and the freedom I’ve been working to attain for my family. I am only on part 3 of the Academy and have seen such fantastic results.” – Adam

I aligned with my optimal future timeline and purged the past, and it activated me on a whole new level with my soul mission. I channeled content for a new business I’ve been birthing for a while now.” – Christine

“The first time that I met my future self was the first time I felt unconditional love.” – Kerry

“By using the different healing modalities, my mom is on the road to recovery and is healing from terminal cancer.” – Staci

“Insane amount of confidence, self belief, no more doubts! I actually manifested $136,121!” – Abi

“I was stuck in my head constantly. The shadow work techniques have been invaluable. It’s helped me to let go of blockages that I was holding onto since childhood. I learned to let go and be aware of the things that no longer serve me. ” – Joseph
All i have to say it is working – i am manifesting so many amazing things. – Anonymous

“Because of this leap of faith I took even though I was so afraid, I was able to manifest a full time job after not being employed for 2 grueling / rejectful years.” –Angelica

“My shadow has been holding me back from moving forward in my career. All my intentions were manifested during this course and then some. I got clarity on my gifts and a greater sense of direction for my career. It’s been truly life changing. ” – Kenitra

Alchemy changes energy at the atomic level. It affects the material world including money, relationships, careers, emotions, blocks, and everything…because everything is energy!

Open up your psychic abilities safely

Connect with past and future lives for healing and guidance

“The first day i started the Alchemy Academy, I asked for a sign on whether I should change jobs. 15 min later a friend texts me about a position that is open”

In the Alchemy Academy™ you’ll release blocks and align with your soul’s highest purpose and timeline!
This Academy is tailored for all levels. You’ll build strong foundations and get advanced high magick practices so that you can align with your highest timeline.

“I went into my future, my beautiful future self told me…”

“This program has helped me be more connected to myself and my emotions, which is such a huge win!” – Tricia

“Ever since I aligned with my optimal future timeline in the meditation yesterday I’ve been feeling a massive shift in my being”

“I connected with my spirit guide on a level I never knew was possible. I’ve also been able to find clarity in confusion by practicing fire alchemy. I feel much more connected to my spirit animals and purpose.” –Anonymous

“a job opportunity came thru for me making considerably more money”


“I’ve been able to implement so much into my everyday life, so life changing”

“I’ve had very potent results with the energy healing method and those who I’ve done it for”

“The first time that I met my future self was the first time I felt unconditional love.” – Kerry

“This program was a game-changer in so many ways. With all the techniques taught, I miraculously addressed on-going debt and manifest unique ways of getting money. The healing techniques which I continue to use for friends and family have left them feeling amazed.” – Saira

“I’ve had so many ahas. From healing ancestral karma to protecting myself and family…”

“The Alchemy Academy gave me complete knowledge on working with the elements. Being a highly sensitive water sign, I have been using fire alchemy and have found a huge shift in my everyday routines and interactions . This has been amazing and so useful. It helps me to adapt to different settings and access the skills I was born with.” – Jenn

Get REAL RESULTS. We’ll practice the techniques during our program to ensure that you’re doing them right!

The techniques I’ll show you are not talent driven, but technique driven. All you have to do is implement the techniques and you will get results.



My life has really transformed a lot. I’ve let go of a lot of trauma, burdens that were holding me down, and self-doubt. It’s resulted in a lot of practical changes, I have become more productive at work, I’ve gained friends, I’ve even gained a new business opportunity, and I’ve spoken in front of a crowd of people with ease, and I’ve become a lot more confident in myself and my abilities. 100% recommend Sol she will transform your life.” – Grace, USA

“The techniques actually work, it’s not just philosophical nonsense.” – Victoria, USA

“I always get results with Sol. She is so encouraging, supportive and immensely knowledgeable! I always come away with learning exercises to do in my daily life and I’ve really felt the benefits of her teachings. I learned how to strengthen my aura, infuse things with energy for healing and how to get the most out of meditation ( and so much more)!! Sol is such an incredible teacher and guide!” – Marina, USA

“Sol is a wonderful coach with an amazing ability to enhance your life to the best potential you can imagine. Sol shows you how to step forward into your new life.”- Tom, UK

“It was an amazing experience! One thing that separates Sol from all the free tutorials online is how to navigate safely. I highly recommend her class if you’re wanting to take things to the next level.” – Marla, Hawaii

“Such an amazing experience! Learned much more than I ever have in a class and felt like I came out so much more confident and powerful. Definitely gave me tools to unlock my highest self.
Alix, USA

“My experience was amazing I can see auras. I have learnt how to deal with my emotions better.
Nathan, UK

“I needed to have a fresh start. I needed clarity, guidance, and to know what to do next. Sol gave me lots of key points. I would really recommend to work with her if you are confused or willing to start something new. Especially if you’re tired of your past and want to have a better future.” – Mia, Estonia

“It helped me in so many ways. I got so many answers from my body immediately and I’m finally tapping into my intuitive and discerning powers. That’s not even the tip of the iceberg of all the ways it has helped me. I can’t thank you enough.” -Raegin, USA

“She made me realize that I have special gifts. She constantly gives me tools to sharpen the skills that I already have so as a business owner I’ve noticed a huge shift in how I work with my students and my clients. The tools that she’s given me are lifelong things that I can use every single day and that is the best gift ever!”
Lindsay, USA

“The course was extremely eye opening. I found the way to harness power in a way I’ve never been able to do so.” – Jennifer, USA (Clairvoyant)

“I loved the exercises and will definitely be using this in my daily personal life and during healings sessions with my coaching clients.”
Ixiomara, Netherlands

“My experience was wonderful. Affirmation that I’m on the right path. Two people from different worlds, yet receiving the same guidance from other “sources”. I’m not really sure how to put it into words. If it calls to you, it’s meant for YOU. – Victoria, USA

“I was feeling lost these last few months , and finally Sol showed me how to change everything.” – Luciana

“Sol is absolutely amazing when it comes to really breaking things down so that you can not only understand it, but FEEL it yourself! After just two classes with her my doubts and fears are gone. Her class helped me realize I always had the power to heal myself. She’s helped me unleash the fire I had within. Open your mind and heart and allow yourself to walk into her classes with faith in yourself, and you’ll find everything you were looking for.” – Melanie, Canada

“Merging spirituality and science induced both sides of my brain to understand. A true teacher and loving soul bringing light through understanding, healing and ascension. – Mason, USA

This generated instant result. I felt super energetic, like I drank 10 coffee’s but more clear, calm and peaceful. At the end of the course It was 3am in Europe, I super awake and excited ready to step into the world. I will definitely join in again next time!” – Ramses, Belgium

“It was paced just right and the group was comfortable; all levels were made to feel included. I can’t wait to learn more from Sol.” – Terri, USA

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