Don’t limit your metamorphosis by holding on

Happy Full Moon! This is a very powerful event as it’s in Aquarius (we’re in the age of Aquarius) and it will be the longest total eclipse of the century. The event will occur on July 27 4:20pm EST but the energies of the Full Moon linger 2 days before and after it’s at its fullest.
The key message: Forgive and don’t hold on to something that is no longer meant to be part of your experience and growth. It’s time to detach and let go.
All the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual baggage you’ve been carrying around, will be easily discarded when replaced by gratitude.
Don’t conform or limit yourself based on past experience. It’s time to break into new paradigms as this Full Moon in Aquarius signifies the larger shift our Earth is experiencing. The old rules of the 3D world no longer apply; we are transitioning into the 5th dimension, and many changes will continue unraveling. Moving confidently forward into the unknown fearlessly will serve your highest good. 
The Age of Aquarius (began in 2012) signifies the emergence of the Divine Feminine. Allow love to infuse every action, thought and emotion to harmonize with the energies. 
Exercise: The Full Moon holds a powerful Goddess power. Hold your arms up to the Moon and ask her for healing. Shake it off.  Chanting “Om Namo Narayani” which means “I surrender to the Divine” will make this a deeper experience.* 
The Oracle revealed Moldavite (metamorphosis) as the most relevant message for this Full Moon. Being spiritually in-tune makes it difficult to navigate the materialistic 3D world, especially with the energy shifts. Moldavite infuses you with cosmic light to bring peace and balance. 
It’s important to continue searching for your truth and release belief systems that limit metamorphosis. You are going through a spiritual transformation. Look within to check the outcome of your actions and determine whether they align with your truth. Once you release external doubts and worries, you will receive good fortune. 
Soul Path: integration of the physical and spiritual. Integrate spiritual practices into your daily routine as this will bring clarity and good fortune.   
Have a wonderful Full Moon!

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Nomad Lyfe
*Chant sourced from Yasmin Boland