the Equinox of timeline shifts

With the Equinox we welcome a New Energetic Year.

This Equinox gateway not only welcomes a New Year, but it welcomes your new soul expression. What makes this Equinox extra special is that it is catalyzing timeline shifts.

Our souls are “graduating.” They are evolving and entering new expressions of consciousness.

These timeline shifts will take place between the Equinox and the Total Solar Eclipse in April.

The Equinox gateway peaks until late March and during this time you’ll find it easier to release, heal, and manifest.

That’s because the Sun’s and Earth’s position at Equinox are “just right” so that an energy highway is created where cosmic energy can flow into our planet unimpeded. This allows particles to move much faster than usual.

This is why we’ll experience timeline shifts in a short amount of time.

Basically, our soul can evolve very fast right now.

On Equinox we have exactly 12 hours of day and night time. This outward expression of balance encourages us to cultivate balance within so that we can welcome this New Year aligned.

Equinox also marks the beginning of Spring and Fall. And whats magickal about this Equinox is that the day after, we have a Super New Moon (new beginnings) in Aries (the 1st sign of the zodiac!)

These all point to a new cycle at large.

In our Equinox Ceremony we will connect with our soul to release blocks that are preventing us from embracing more of our soul’s essence.

From this expanded state, we will manifest and set intentions for the New Year!

***Beginner & Experienced Meditators Welcomed***

The Power of Connecting in Ceremony

We host group meditations because the energy is stronger.

(more people = more energy)

Group meditations make your release and manifesting 3X more powerful!

An overview of our ceremony

  • Enjoy a channeled meditation tailored for our group

  • Energy field cleansing to release imbalances that are preventing you from embracing more of your soul’s essence

  • Alchemy ritual with your soul to remove yourself from soul groups that are limiting your growth

  • Manifest your intentions for the New Year!

  • Leverage the energy of the group and Equinox portal to make your release and manifestations 6x more powerful!

  • Connect with like-minded people who are ready to support you

Please note that this is a general overview of our ceremony. Every ceremony is tailored to the energy of our group so we will do whatever is needed based on the group’s energy.

Experiences From Our Ceremonies

“I was looking for a job and I did this manifesting meditation. A dream job opening appeared the very next day. I then did the Full Moon meditation and followed Sol’s tips. I ended up getting my dream job! Using her techniques has been life-changing. ” – Sarai

What you rECEIVE

  • Channeled ceremony and meditation tailored to the energy of the group

  • Access to a private community where you’ll continue receiving support, tips, and resources!
  • Your purchase matters. A portion of your purchase is donated

  • Pre and post-ceremony instructions to ensure that you get the most benefit!
  • Recording of the ceremony and meditation

Solstice celebration

There is a reason why our ancestors all over the world built sacred sites for the Equinox and Solstice. It’s a powerful energy gateway where the Earth’s geomagnetic lines come into alignment, allowing a flow of cosmic energy that is not usually available to flow in.

Our ancestors would gather in ceremony during the Equinox and Solstice to work with this potent energy to heal, manifest, and expand their consciousness. They celebrated the beginning of a new season in community because they understood the amplifying power of setting collective intentions.


  • Get practical tips on how to use this new energy of Creation to enhance your consciousness, relationships, health, finances, and career✨
  • Create a deeper connection with your soul💜
  • Clear distortions so that you can move into more expansion🌈

  • Connect with the deepest parts of yourself and live in authenticity🙏
  • Gain a greater understanding of this powerful time of change on Earth🌍

I remember staying up until 3am nearly every night feeling frustrated, blocked, anxious, and lost.

This anxiety triggered insomnia, which then triggered depression. I knew there was something bigger that I wanted to do, but I wasn’t sure how to make an impact.

I embraced this uncertainty and went on a quest.

My quest took me to over 30 countries to learn from the best masters from across the world.

Leveraging the power of meditation, alchemy, channeling, mediumship, and energy for over 10 years taught me that every single person holds unlimited potential.

I host meditation circles to connect people with their power and the wisdom of their hearts.

Your journey might be different than mine, but after connecting with like minded people, you’ll realize that you are not alone.

My goal is to create a community for people to connect and release anything that’s holding them back from living the life of their dreams, the life they deserve.

Cant wait to transform together!

Much love,
Sol Tara

It’s time to reconnect with your soul family!


The recording will be emailed to you 24 hours after the ceremony. Please check your spam folder if you don’t see the recording. If you still don’t see it, email us [email protected]

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Yes. When we host these circles, we create an energy blueprint out of space and time. This means that you are able to leverage the power of the group and portal energy by listening to the recording.

You can listen to this meditation during any New Moon, Full Moon, or whenever you are guided to listen to it. Each time that you listen, it will shift something different within you!

It’s about 2 hours. Don’t worry if you can’t join the entire event, you will receive a recording.

Welcome! Our meditation is tailored for beginner AND experienced meditators. The alchemy rituals we do are guided by the soul. Remember that this is not your soul’s first rodeo😉

Our team is happy to assist! Please email us at: [email protected]

We are unable to respond to Instagram messages so please email us if you need help with your order.

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