LIMITLESS TRANSFORMATION: The ideal body, connected spirit, and infinite abundance

We are all on a journey from limitations to infinite possibilities, from dis-ease to vitality, from fear to love, from confusion to solution, and from separation to unity.

What if you could do what you most desired in life? And there were no physical, emotional, mental, financial, or spiritual blocks keeping you from making your impact on the world? The truth is many of us struggle to find the life we’re meant for because  we don’t know how to unlock the power within.

Did you know that 95% of your life is being lived with the subconscious mind? Watch Biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton explain how our mental programs are limiting and sabotaging our success.

The proven strategies and tactics that you will learn at this transformational workshop, will save you years of testing and failing, pain, illness, frustration, confusion, and stress.

You should attend if you :

  • Want to fear less and achieve more
  • Want to take your health, relationships, career, finances to the next level
  • Want to identify and eliminate emotional, financial, mental, and spiritual blocks
  • Want more clarity, purpose, confidence, and energy
  • Want to communicate clearly and with confidence
  • Want to improve your sleep and ability to control stress
  • Want to live a life by design instead of living on autopilot and according to someone else’s plan
  • Want real results by using proven strategies and tactics

  • Want to connect with yourself and your purpose

We will connect you with ancient wisdom and support you to incorporate this knowledge into your daily live to achieve modern day success. 

Be prepared to experience:

  • Eye-opening talks from energy experts – to help you move into the next evolution of your spiritual purpose
  • Powerful activities – to experience potent energies of meditation and sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls
  • Signature meditation and detox strategies – to raise your awareness and frequency so you can go deeper than ever before
  • Take-home tools – to help manifest miracles in your life

During this  workshop, you will learn how to:


  • Achieve greater clarity, focus, peace, creativity, joy, self-confidence, and purpose
  • Experience self-healing guided meditations
  • Experience healing sound baths with Tibetan singing bowls
  • Connect with your divine nature and renewed version of yourself
  • Identify and release internal blocks
  • Learn key techniques to strengthen and protect your energy
  • Learn to prevent stress and energy vampires from affecting your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health


  • Get clarity to manifest your ideal body, career, relationship, health, etc quickly and easily
  • Apply the Law of Reciprocity. The Law of Attraction is only half of the equation for manifesting. We will share how the Law of Reciprocity will enable you to manifest instantly
  • Manifest from a space of abundance rather than a space of lack
  • Open up to receive and allow what you manifest to come to you
  • Learn techniques to manifesting easily


  • Learn to open your chakras through meditation
  • Connect with your spirit guides and higher-self
  • Get clarity and mastery over your emotions
  • Reverse the aging process
  • Start and stick to a meditation practice


  • Learn key protection techniques from a space of awareness not fear
  • Understand the power of the mind and consciousness
  • Strategies to unlock the 5 different types of psychic abilities
  • Use psychic abilities to improve your life
  • How to heal others emotionally, mentally, and physically
  • How to eliminate toxicity from food, water, medicines using your energy


  • Learn different types of sound healing to take you deeper
  • How to practice sound healing using your voice
  • Breathing techniques to connect with your higher-self and boost your vitality
  • Techniques to help clear and calm the mind


  • Identify what body type you have according to Ayurveda and a diet that will help you achieve vitality and optimal health
  • Learn how an Ayurvedic diet can prevent disease and extend your life


  • Learn specific strategies, including breathing techniques, that will eliminate digestive problems and discomfort
  • Remove toxic food and items from your life to reverse the aging process and illnesses
  • Understand the power of the mind and consciousness and how it affects your physical, emotional, and mental health
  • Techniques to detox and strengthen your body
  • Learn how to prevent post-lunch lethargy
  • Eliminate cravings


  • Participate in daily yoga sessions that go beyond the posture to bring yoga, or the “union” of your true Self, into every aspect of your being – allowing your body, mind, heart, intellect, and spirit to flow in harmony.
  • Learn how to prevent the pain and discomfort that comes with sitting all day


  • Understand the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual benefits that crystals offer
  • Access to the best secrets from crystal masters
  • Learn to get the most benefit from crystals
  • Learn to activate and charge your crystals
  • Learn practical uses of crystals


  • Get an answer to any “yes or no” question
  • Get answers to multiple choice questions
  • Learn who your Angels and Guides are
  • Learn how to protect yourself while working with pendulums to ensure that you are getting accurate answers
  • Learn how to cleanse and balance chakras
  • How to identify if others’ chakras are blocked
  • Cleanse a space with pendulum

Come together with like-minded individuals looking to transform their lives. You’ll share your journeys, create friendships, and together, you’ll magnify the light you are sending out into the world. While our individual light is powerful by itself, when we come together in shared consciousness, we generate a force so strong that it illuminates even the darkest corners of the earth.


You will be immersed in the stunning natural beauty and powerful healing energy of Batam, you’ll begin to feel something in you wake up –  your unlimited power. The world begins to come alive again, and life feels filled with possibility, adventure, and magick.

With nothing to distract you, you’ll enjoy a 1-night stay at a breathtaking KTM resort in Bintam. Renew body, mind, and spirit with dips in the pool , hot tub, or beach.

We will gift attendees tools that they can take home to help manifest miracles in their lives.  What you will receive:

  1. Personalized nutrition session $125
  2. Spinal assessment $175
  3. 8 week meditation program $173
  4. 8 yoga classes $320
  5. Private Facebook support group $128
  6. An aura reading $222
  7. A tarot reading $87
  8. A pendulum $33
  9. Sound bath healing to open up your chakras $65
  10. Sound healing recordings $70
  11. Essential Oil bottle $40
  12. Unlock the Magick Within: The secrets of crystals masters revealed book $33
  13. Affirmations for achieving confidence, health, unconditional  love, and abundance $77
  14. Lifetime emails from us to support your journey with crystals $80
  15. Monthly Full Moon information enabling you to leverage lunar energies $60
  16. Ayurvedic nutritional program $1,397
  17. 3 Value investing sessions conducted by 10x Capital pte Ltd $555
  18. 2 day workshop $2507

Total value $6,147

But because this is OUR LAST WORKSHOP in Singapore (Claudia is leaving to Los Angeles), we are doing something special for you. 

We are offering our life’s work (30+ years) and saving you years of trial and error. Because we want to transform more lives, your investment will only be $997

May 11 – 12 in Batam

For questions WhatsApp +1 703-774-5154 or +65 9323 4131

Workshop Facilitators:

Juliana Phua is a Transformation and Healing Coach, a certified Yoga Teacher and Sound Master. She has been practicing for over 20 yrs and teaching for 11. Juliana’s happiness lies in seeing her students transform and achieve their desired health and life goals. She firmly believes that we can heal ourselves and has helped herself and many do so through the various modalities that she has learnt from teachers all over the world. Ever positive, she infuses her classes with fun and humour and inspires her students to enjoy themselves while learning at the same time. She practices what she teaches and will only recommend what she has personally tried and tested. This is her passion, her life path,  and she is fully committed to helping you achieve your goals in every way that she is able to.

Claudia Acha is a healer, peak performance coach, meditation teacher, and a Crystal Reiki Master and Reiki Master and Teacher. She has over 8 years of experience working with energy and spends her time traveling to sacred sites to receive divine blessings and wisdom. She’s studied with masters from the US, Egypt, England, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, India, Poland, and Bolivia.

Her teachings focus on integrating wisdom from various religions and cultures with modern science including quantum physics and bioenergy. She connects people with ancient wisdom and helps them incorporate this wisdom into their modern day lives so that they can connect with their higher power.

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