Guided Meditations

Meditation to strengthen & protect your energy

This meditation practice will strengthen and protect your energy. It will help you heal, too. Please drink water before and after this meditation.

Includes 528hz healing frequencies

Meditation to release, balance, and manifest

This is a Guided Meditation with the Moon for releasing, balancing, and manifesting. It was recorded on the Spring Equinox and Libra Full Moon in a group setting, which makes the energies even more powerful!

Please drink water before and after listening to this.

Meditation to acknowledge and heal self sabotage (our shadow self)

Beginnings require letting go of the past and energies that no longer serve us so that we can receive new things.

In this meditation, you will acknowledge your dark side, or shadow self, that we typically like to keep hidden. You will acknowledge, face and come to peace with a hidden aspect of yourself that is the root cause of self-sabotage. You will also set intentions for the forthcoming cycle.

Please get a candle for this meditation as you will be releasing energy and transmuting it.

Meditation to manifest goals for 2019

It’s not too late to manifest our goals for 2019!

Please place a candle in front you during the meditation we will use it to make our wishes for 2019.

This is going to be a very powerful year!


Meditation for surrendering to change and unlocking your power

This is a recording of a live group guided meditation during full moon. Please note that it will still have similar effects, even if it is not full moon when you watch it.

The meditation focuses on surrendering. Surrendering allow us to leverage the higher vibrations of the planetary retrogrades.

When we speak about surrendering, we are not referring to giving up on our goals and dreams. But rather, surrendering to the process and trusting it. It’s also important that you trust yourself and your journey.

Sometimes the Universe has things planned for us that may be more incredible than the things we originally intended on getting. And when we surrender, we open ourselves to those possibilities.

Please drink water prior to and after listening to meditation.


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