So grateful to share this beautiful and powerful crystal grid with you all ????????

This grid catalyzes physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. To feel the power of the grid you can hover your hand over its image.

We made this crystal grid on the Island of the Moon at the Incan Temple of the Moon for the Virgo full moon????

To ensure the purity of the grid we embedded the crystals with all five elements. First we washed them in Lake Titicaca, which is the sacral chakra of Mother Earth. Then we infused the crystals with the fire element by drying them out in the sunlight.☀️ Crystals come from Mother Earth so that element is covered???? We also made a circle with the coca leaves, which is a sacred plant from the Andes. And a circle with flowers as an offering for mother Earth. There was a lot of wind when we did the ceremony. And the gods and goddesses of that sacred space infused the grid with Akasha, the final element.

To hear more about the how the grid was created you can watch this video.

To get healing from this grid, simply look at it and when you are ready close your eyes and meditate.

Much love and blessings

This grid was created for emotional, spiritual, and physical healing and healing the Divine Feminine. It is particularly helpful for those with physical issues with the sex organs.

Washing the crystals in Lake Titicaca and embedding the water element into the crystals.

We buried the grid in the Temple of the Moon to heal Mother Earth.

Incan Temple of the Moon