Learn how to astral project safely and effectively… even if you’ve tried to astral travel before and failed!

Travel into the astral world for a cosmic adventure!

Astral projection is a mind-blowing experience.

You breakthrough the limitations of the body and mind by flying, exploring different planets, and meeting beings like spirit guides, unicorns, mermaids, dragons, etc.

Connect with your past lives, future self, loved ones who’ve passed away, open up your chakras, decrease the effects of the retrogrades, and more!

1. Travel into your future and test out future decisions/probabilities 

Travel to past lives to heal and end karmic patterns


3. Connect with loved ones who have passed on


4. Meet your spirit and animal guides


5. Open your Heart, Third-Eye, Crown, and Stellar Gateway chakras


6. Grow spiritually by gathering wisdom from the Akashic records and different dimensions

7. Find your life’s purpose or get inspiration for your art or business

8. Connect with your Starseed family and get downloads from different Starsystems

9. Unleash your genius creativity like Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, and John Lennon (they all got their brilliant ideas in the astral realm!)

10. Explore different dimensions and realms
(Water Kingdom, Fairy Kingdom, Pleiadian Star System, etc)


11. Travel to the planets and harmonize your relationship with them to reduce the effects of retrogrades

12. Have fun by flying, jumping, traveling
around the Universe and Earth, and meeting all types of beings (fairies, unicorns, dragons, etc)
In this class you will learn how to astral project effectively and safely so that you avoid common mistakes
archangel metatron

1. Practical exercises and techniques to ensure that you are astral projecting!

2. Different ways to keep yourself safe in your astral travels

3. Techniques to get answers in the astral realm

4. How to bio-locate (teleport)

5. How to connect with your spirit guides!

6. How to open your heart, third-eye, crown, and stellar gateway chakras

7. How to travel into past and future lives for insights and healing

8. You will astral travel during our class to make sure you’re doing it right!

SPACE LIMITED to keep the class intimate so that you can ask questions. Secure your spot NOW!
We will astral project TOGETHER during the class to ensure that you do it right!
What you get:
1. A class taught LIVE on Zoom so that you can ask your questions 
2. A workbook with all of the exercises to astral project

3. Access to our private Facebook community where you’ll continue receiving tips and resources
4. 5 meditations to astral project
5. Class recording
6. Your purchase matters. A portion of all profits will be donated to an NGO.

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"I was able to see 2 of my spirit guides for the first time. It was an amazing experience! One thing that separates Claudia from all the free tutorials online is how to navigate safely and how to protect yourself in the astral world. I highly recommend her class if you’re wanting to take things to the next level."
Marla, Hawaii
"I finally saw my spirit guide . She was so loving, comforting. We went sliding down the rainbow. I saw the handsome white Unicorn before you said it. Ride on him to the clouds…."
Michelle, Singapore
I saw my spirit guide for the second time in my life. I felt a lot of energy. I never knew how to cleanse/open my third eye.”
Aisha, USA
"Felt a huge warm presence instantly when asked for my spirit guide, I saw a white light when asked to identify and was told it was Archangel Michael. I felt tingling throughout my body. I was able to connect with my cousin who was murdered, I instantly cried felt immense emotions running thru my body but also of joy cause I felt that he was trying to say 'I am OK don't worry about me I am glad you are here'. As leaving that room I saw many symbols, like hieroglyphs. I felt so much joy and happiness I started to tear up again, cause I felt like they were giving me a universal hug. I gave them my gratitude, and also had to say farewell to my cousin who said I will be here, come back anytime. Then we went back to our space safely and calmly."
Ryan, USA
"Once I asked for help from my spirit guide, I was able to really experience the astral realm! (10/10 would go back) And the Chant and grounding techniques for discernment really worked!"
Destiny, USA
"When I was connecting with my guide I felt and saw my green flower/heart chakra breathing with him, exchanging info and energy. I started crying. My heart felt open, expanding. My mom was so excited that she popped up right away too. She passed May 9 of this year from Brain Cancer. When we went through the first tunnel of light I felt light. I felt like I was traveling. Malachi and my mom were behind me the whole time. When we got to the rivers with dolphins, it was magical!
* You didn’t take a spirit guide or animal guide with you

* You didn’t go into the astral realm with a protection shield

* You drifted off into sleep or you immediately jerked back into your body

* You didn’t set an intention effectively so you didn’t know where to go

* You don’t know how to do it consciously
Claudia compressed
Your cosmic guide

Claudia Acha is an international speaker, healer, and peak performance coach. After traveling to 30 countries to study with the best masters, Claudia compiled their best strategies and unified their teachings.

In each class she uses different healing modalities including: alchemy, peak performance coaching, meditation, crystal healing, hypnotherapy, shamanic work, and mediumship. Her goal is to empower other lightwarriors and starsseds to make transformative shifts in their lives .

"My spirit guide came through. An Owl with masculine energy guided me to the elemental Kingdom. This was truly an amazing experience."
Victoria, USA
Knowing that an expert is guiding you is very reassuring. The safety part was a great addition just to make everyone feel comfortable.”
Dhiether, Canada
I experienced so much magic! I got to meet my Lyran guide, visited a cat of mine that has passed, experienced the fairy realm and magical beings. It was truly incredible.
Alexandra, USA
"My experience was amazing I can see auras. I have learnt how to deal with my emotions better."
Nathan, UK
"The course was extremely eye opening. I found the way to take in and harness power in a way I’ve never been able to do so."
Jennifer, USA (Clairvoyant)
""I always get results with Claudia. She is so encouraging, supportive and immensely knowledgeable! I always come away with learning exercises to do in my daily life and I’ve really felt the benefits of her teachings. I learned how to strengthen my aura, infuse things with energy for healing and how to get the most out of meditation ( and so much more)!!! Claudia is such an incredible teacher and guide!"
Marina, USA
"Claudia is absolutely amazing when it comes to really breaking things down so that you can not only understand it, but FEEL it yourself! After just two classes with her my doubts and fears are gone. She's helped me unleash the fire I always had within. I face the world with the courage of a lion and the grace of a swan now... you'll find everything you were looking for."
Melanie, Canada
“Merging spirituality and science induced both sides of my brain to understand how the non physical and the physical work together to optimize the whole mind and manipulate energy in order to heal and expand consciousness altogether. A true teacher and loving soul bringing light through understanding, healing and ascension.
Mason, USA
My experience was wonderful. Affirmation that I'm on the right path. Two people from different worlds, yet receiving the same guidance from other "sources". I'm not really sure how to put it into words. If it calls to you, it's meant for YOU.
Victoria, USA
SPACE LIMITED to keep the class intimate so that you can ask questions. Secure your spot NOW!