DNA Activation and Manifesting with your Starseed Family


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You will receive a recording if you cannot join live.

What people experienced in last year’s ceremony:

“just incredible I’m at a level of no words can describe I felt so many sensations. I felt so free and light I’m feeling reborn seriously incredible thank you !”

“I was told to stop doubting myself and to take ownership of my gift for writing 

“I felt the Metatron cube all over my aura and i feel really blessed”

“I saw GoddessIsis spreading her wings above my entire house. It was incredible when you called for protection of the whole family!


“I saw a phoenix in my upper heart chakra

“I felt the most amazing amount and kind of energy when my DNA was being activated. My body was charging and kind of jumping and pulsing.”

“The energy was AMAZING! And so strong. I cried soon as I saw my entire spirit team. I was burping a lot as well. This was so powerful. At the end when we were ending, I saw my entire spirit family on my porch as if they were guiding me back

“I saw a massive blue star being in the universe with a golden crown and blue streams of light growing from it’s crown. Under it’s heart chakra was covered in gold like a cloud and they were watching me!

“I was told to stop hiding and to expose my gifts.

“I felt little diamond sparkles all inside my body
. What I loved the most was seeing my ancestors, angels, spirit babies.. I literally saw my spirit team. I loved this so much!”


What you get:
1. A channeled meditation 
2. Access to our online community
where you’ll continue getting tips and resources
3. Pre and post ceremony instructions
so that you get the most benefit
4. Your purchase matters.
A portion of profits will be donated
Can’t wait to transform together!
Please make sure you type your email add ress correctly when purchasing. You will receive an email with a download link with information on how to access the meditation.


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