Fire Ritual with Goddess Kali Ma To Burn Fears, Self-Doubt, and Negativity


This ritual is 6x more powerful than normal meditations because it was recorded on the Full Moon (3x more power) and  in a group setting (3x more power). You’ll heal, release, and burn fears, chords, and self-doubt with Goddess Kali Ma (the Goddess of Destruction, Creation, and Power).
In this ceremony you’ll:
– Release fears, self-doubt, and hidden blocks
– Connect directly with Goddess Kali and ask her questions to get clarity
– Burn chords and release karma that no longer serves you
– Burn disease and bring health back into your body


What you get:
1. A channeled meditation 

2. Access to our private Facebook tribe where you’ll connect with like-minded lightwarriors and get tips/resources

3. Instructions for a powerful fire ritual to release negative energy

4. You purchase matters. A portion of all profits are donated.