Fire Ritual with Goddess Sekhmet and Solar Plexus Activation


This ceremony is 6x more powerful than normal meditations because it was recorded on the Full Moon (3x more power) and  in a group setting (3x more power). You’ll heal, release, and activate your personal power with Goddess Sekhmet.


Sekhmet is an Egyptian Goddess. She is a fierce warrior and protective, loving mother. She’s also known for her potent healing abilities. When you connect with her belly and womb, you’ll go through a powerful transformation as she embodies the power of the Divine Feminine.


In this ceremony you will:
– Release fears, self-doubt, and blocks
– Connect with Goddess Sekhmet to get clarity on what blocks you need to release
– Burn chords and negative energy
– Activate your Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra


What you get:
1. A channeled meditation with an activation
2. Ascension update and how to get ensure you have a smooth ascension process

3. Access to our private Facebook tribe so that we can continue transforming together!

4. Instructions for a powerful fire ritual to release negative energy

5. You purchase matters. A portion of all profits are donated.



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