Full Moon Fire Ritual and Meditation with Goddess Isis


This ceremony is 9x more powerful than normal meditations because it was recorded on the Full Moon (3x more power), Eclipse (3x more power), and  in a group setting (3x more power). You’ll heal, release, and manifest with Goddess Isis and 70 people who were live during the recording.


In this ceremony you’ll:
– Release past life and future karma
– Burn the chords (you don’t cut the chords otherwise they’ll grow back) with toxic habits, people, emotions, and actions in your life
– Connect with Goddess Isis to get clarity on your soul’s optimal life purpose and insights about what you need to know currently
– Burn disease and bring health back into your body
– Fire ritual for confidence and power
– Manifest your soul’s optimal life purpose (and leverage 70 people’s energies meaning your manifestations will materialize faster!)
– Heal your inner child, the collective, and Mother Earth


What you get:


1. A channeled meditation tailored to the energy of our group
2. A direct opportunity to ask Goddess Isis your questions
3. Access to our private Facebook community where we’ll share tips and resources!
4. Instructions for a powerful fire ritual to release negative energy
5. Your purchase matters. A portion of all profits are donated
When checking out out DO NOT purchase via PayPal. Paypal puts a hold on these purchases because of the word “Isis” so you won’t receive it immediately. Pay with credit card to get instant access.


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