Healing and Manifesting with Archangel Metatron


The Solstice portal peaks until Dec 25 and is open until January.

In this meditation you will:

  • Connect with Archangel Metatron to ask questions and to receive guidance
  • Learn how to work with sacred geometry to clear karmic imprints, distortions, cords, and imbalances from your cells and energy field
  • Learn how to move gracefully through your soul’s evolution
  • Clear collective and personal karma from your throat chakra
  • Alchemy ritual to heal the physical body
  • Stellar Gateway Chakra Activation (this chakra connects you with Universal consciousness)
  • Manifesting ritual with Archangel Metatron

You can listen to this meditation at any Full or New Moon or anytime you feel guided to. Each time that you listen it will shift something different within you!

The recording is just as powerful. When we host these circles, we create an energy blueprint out of space and time. This means that you are able to leverage the power of the group and Solstice energy by listening to the recording.

What people experienced:



What you will receive:

1. Channeled ceremony and meditation
2. Access to our private community where you’ll continue receiving support and resources!
3. Pre and post-ceremony instructions so that you get the most benefit
4. Your purchase matters. A portion of your purchase is donated


Please make sure you type your email address correctly when purchasing. You will get an email with a purchase confirmation. Click the link in that confirmation email to access the ceremony.

If you have any questions about your order, email in[email protected] we cannot respond to Instagram messages.

Can’t wait to transform together!

Much love,


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