Healing With Goddess Isis and Activating Your Angel Wings


In this ceremony and meditation, you will connect with Goddess Asuet (Isis) to:

*Activate your angel wings

*Cleanse and open your Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus

*Remove karmic imprints (traumas, attachments, and imbalances) from your soul’s blueprint

*Remove yourself from soul groups (soul family) that are no longer in alignment with your soul’s highest good and growth

*Join new soul groups that are in alignment with your soul’s highest potential

*Connect  directly with Goddess Auset (Isis) and ask her questions to receive clarity

What people experienced:

What you receive:

1. Ceremony and meditation

2. Pre and post-ceremony instructions to ensure that you get the most benefit

3. Access to a private community where we’ll continue sharing tips and resources!

4. Your purchase matters. A portion of your purchase is donated

Please make sure you write the correct email address when purchasing. You will receive an email with a download link to access our ceremony!

Can’t wait to transform together!

Much love,


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