Powerful Manifesting with Divine Feminine and Masculine energy


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This is a powerful manifesting meditation that uses alchemy to optimize your manifestations. You will also receive manifesting rituals in our ceremony.

You will optimize the timing and delivery of your manifestations using alchemy. We do a fire and water alchemy ritual with your Divine Feminine and Masculine energy that makes manifesting 6x more powerful! 

Testimonials from this meditation:

“The curse of 2020 is being lifted. Promotion and a good raise at my day job 72 hours after.” – Jen

Within 24 hours I got a call from a customer who owed us for services and they wanted to pay ASAP. It’s a larger amount that I expected. Like 8 times larger than usual. I was completely shocked!” – Elizabeth

“The day after the meditation I went to the office and the women who I report to said she was giving me a raise. And she gave me a $400 check.” – Nadia

“I had a court hearing and I did the meditation the night before. The judge dismissed the case. I’m so grateful for your help.” – Victoria

“As we were manifesting, I got one order and another person inquiring. I haven’t felt this good in a long time.” – Rose


Please make sure you type your email correctly when purchasing. You will get an email with a download link to access the meditation.

What you get:
1. A channeled meditation and ceremony (2 recordings)
2. Manifesting tips
3. Access to our private online community
where you’ll continue receiving tips and resources!
4. Pre and post ceremony instructions
so that you get the most benefit
5. Your purchase matters.
A portion of your purchase is donated
Can’t wait to manifest together!
Much love,


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