Releasing Blocks and Self Doubt with Goddess Sekhmet


Sekhmet is the Ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) Goddess of Healing and Protection. She is the daughter of the Sun God, Ra, and is known for the fire in her belly. Sekhmet’s intensity offers protection and her nurturing nature channels her healing abilities. She embodies empowerment and action. Trust that something guided you to her and that you are ready to work with her.

In this guided meditation with Goddess Sekhmet you will do a:

* Meditation to release blocks, stuck energy, fears, and self-doubt

* Alchemy ritual with Goddess Sekhmet to heal your solar plexus

* Shamanic ritual to call your energy and power back

* Manifesting ritual to transmute self-doubt in confidence

* An opportunity for you to directly connect with Sekhmet and ask her questions to receive guidance

* Post ceremony instructions so that you can receive more benefits!

What people experienced:


What you get:

1. A channeled ceremony and meditation (2 recordings)
2. Access to our private online community where you’ll get more resources, tips, and support!
3. Pre and post ceremony instructions so that you get the most benefit
4. Your purchase matters. A portion of your purchase is donated


Please make sure that you type your email correctly when purchasing. You will get an email with a download link with information on how to access the ceremony.

Can’t wait to transform together!
Much love,


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