Solar Eclipse Manifesting Ceremony

This Solar Eclipse portal peaks from April 27 to May 3/4 and the portal remains open until early June. During this time transformation and manifesting will happen faster.

Eclipses are a time of fast, intense changes because the boundaries between the dimensions become thinner during Eclipses as the Sun and Moon energies align, giving us easier access to other realms.

Eclipse portals help us evolve and manifest faster because the energy can flow more easily and faster between the dimensions.

As the Moon moves to cover the light of the Sun, we are invited to go within and explore our darkness.

When the Eclipse ends and the Moon finishes passing over the Sun, the light returns.

What we observe in our sky during an Eclipse is a metaphor for the internal transformation that we, too, move through during Eclipse season.

Eclipses are an opportunity for us to explore our shadows (aspects of ourselves that we hide from others and ourselves.)

Eclipse energies are so transformational that they last for 6 months.

What’s amazing about the April Eclipse is that it’s on the same day as the Jupiter and Venus conjunction!

Jupiter and Venus aligning brings in a flow of abundance.

And Beltane (the midpoint between the Equinox and Solstice) is the day after the Eclipse!

Ancient Celts saw Beltane as the beginning of summer, a rebirth period, and a time when the veil between the realms was at its thinnest.

In our ceremony and meditation we will leverage the power of the New Moon, Solar Eclipse, Jupiter and Venus alignment, and Beltane!

By working with these portals, we’ll connect with a unique energy to expand our consciousness and to help us manifest!


Join Eclipse Ceremony!


  • Get practical tips on how to use ascension energy to improve your relationships, finances, health, and career
  • Start this new month with clarity and confidence and shift from confusion to solution❤️
  • Understand how to leverage this period of uncertainty to manifest and manifest with alchemy to make your manifestation 6x more powerful🙌
  • Learn how to connect with the deepest parts of yourself and live in authenticity🙏
  • Gain a greater understanding of this powerful time of change on Earth🌍

Join Manifesting Ceremony!


  • Channeled meditation and ceremony to give you a complete mental and energy reset
  • Alchemy ritual to clear and balance your energy field
  • Alchemy manifesting ritual to make your manifestations 9x more powerful!

  • Post ceremony rituals so that your manifestations materialize!
  • A group sharing so that you can connect with other like-minded people in a safe space

Please note that the ceremony is tailored to the energy of the group so we may do something different than described above.

Beginner and experienced meditators welcomed!

Join Manifesting Ceremony!

We host group meditations because the energy is stronger.

(More People = More Energy)

This means that your manifestations are more powerful!

Experiences after our ceremonies:


A unique opportunity for you to manifest and align with higher dimensions!

What you receive:

  • A personalized, channeled meditation tailored to the energy of our group
  • 2 recordings (the ceremony and the meditation)

  • Access to our online community where you’ll continue getting tips and resources

  • Pre and post ceremony instructions so that you get the most benefit
  • Your purchase matters. A portion of your purchase is donated

Beginner and experienced meditators welcomed!

Join Manifesting Ceremony!

Manifesting techniques that REALLY work!

Join Manifesting Ceremony!

I’ve been there too…

I remember staying up until 3am nearly everyday feeling frustrated, blocked, anxious, and lost.

This anxiety triggered insomnia, which then triggered depression. I knew there was something bigger that I wanted to do, but I wasn’t sure how to make an impact.

I embraced this uncertainty and went on a quest.

My quest took me to 30 countries to learn from the best masters from across the world.

Leveraging the power of meditation, alchemy, channeling, mediumship, shamanism, and energy for 10 years taught me that every single person holds an unlimited potential.

I host meditation circles to connect people with their unlimited power.

Your journey might be different than mine, but after connecting with like minded people, you’ll realize that you are not alone.

My goal is to create a community and safe space for people to connect and release anything that’s holding them back from living the life of their dreams, the life they deserve.

Can’t wait to transform together!

Much love,
Sol Tara

Join Manifesting Ceremony!
Join Manifesting Ceremony!

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