It’s estimated that the average adult makes 35,000 conscious decisions each day!

But there’s so much noise out there…the news, social media, emails, texts, calls etc.

How are we supposed to make good decisions to improve our lives and careers when our mind is filled with so many distractions?

It’s not your fault that you make poor choices, like what you eat for lunch, how you respond to your co-worker, or which position you decide to sleep in.

We cannot focus on one thing at a time because our world is becoming increasingly designed for distraction and confusion.

This is no secret.

Back when I had panic attacks and anxiety, I became paralyzed when making any type of decision even like deciding when to go to the grocery store.

I remember literally mulling over when was the best time to go to the grocery for 45 mins…I would walk in and out of my house completely trapped in the prison of my indecisive mind.

That specific trip to the grocery store triggered a panic attack. 

Something so simple became something complex because I made it complex.

I wanted it to be the most efficient grocery trip and instead, it turned into 45 wasted minutes of pain and confusion.

Each choice you make directly impacts your physical, emotional, or mental health.

That’s why it’s important that you make conscious choices that will put you on track towards living a healthier, happier, and wealthier life. 

What is willpower and how it will boost your productivity, health, and wealth

Every time you make a decision, whether it’s what project to work on or what to eat for breakfast, you use the part of your brain that controls willpower.

This is just like a muscle – your willpower gets tired if you use it over and over again during the day.

This is why Steve Jobs wore the same outfit every day! 

He wanted to use his willpower (decision-making energy) on decisions that improved Apple’s success so he automated a lot of his decisions.

This saved him decision-making (willpower) energy and unleashed his brilliant creativity to create better products.

So how can you boost your willpower?

Try automating your breakfast, finances, and exercise routine.

I no longer decide what to eat for breakfast. I’ve been eating the same breakfast for a year now!

I know that may seem boring, but it empowers me to focus on creating better content for you and growing my business.

New York Times best-seller Ramit Sethi explains that automating your finances not only reduces your stress about finances but also helps you build long-term financial stability.

He recommends automatically sending a percentage of your paycheck to your retirement account 5%, 10-20% to investments, and 75-85% to a checking account.

Once the money is in your checking account:
– set up an automatic payment into specific saving accounts like for money for a house down payment, vacation, wedding, etc.
– automatically pay your credit cards
– automatically pay other bills (phone, electricity, etc) via online banking. If you can’t use this, you can ask your bank to automatically send a check once a month (for paying landlord, etc)
– Spend guilt free money with the remaining amount! You already paid all your bills and saved so you can spend this money guilt free!

Exercise routine:
Switching up your exercise (time, routine, location, etc) takes a lot of mental effort.

You can automate this by putting it in your calendar, getting a personal trainer, and putting your shoes and gym clothes next to your bed at night so you can work out in the morning.

I used to put my running shoes next to my bed in the morning and pick out my running gear at night because it literally forced me to go for a run – I didn’t have a choice.

I no longer run because the 20+ years of playing soccer wore down my ACL so now I practice yoga (on my calendar) and go for walks (almost every afternoon).

These are some simple things you can do to help you focus on the things that matter.

Once you focus on the important things you have more energy to invest in your relationships and business/career. 

Oh and of course….


Meditation clears your mind, improves focus, and boosts creativity – all factors to empower you to make better decisions.

This is why the most successful people in the world meditate!

Ray Dalio is the world’s largest hedge fund manager. 

His company made $49.7 billion in total net gains since it was created!

Ray attributes his sound decision-making and success to meditation, “Meditation has probably been the single most important reason for whatever success I’ve had.”

Meditation saved my life. That’s why I’m such a huge proponent of it. Get access to my signature 8-week meditation program (designed from a Harvard study) for just $1 here.

New Year New Life!

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