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New Year New Life
"4 days after starting the affirmations Claudia gave me, I got a
paycheck with an extra $2,000!"
Kristin, Norway
Cindy testimonial
“I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder 5 years ago, causing burning sensations mostly in my feet, which was treated with a nerve painkiller. The disease eventually retreated only to come back a year ago, causing me to go back on the medicine, as well as sleeping pills. After one session with Claudia, I was able to stop taking the sleeping pills cold turkey. That day, I also cut the painkiller dosage in half. Two weeks later, I am only taking one pill every 36hours [down from taking 5 pills a day]. I am very happy with the results.”
Cindy, USA
Lindsay testimonial-min
"She made me realize that I have special gifts. She constantly gives me tools to sharpen the skills that I already have so as a business owner I've noticed a huge shift in how I work with my students and my clients.

I've noticed how I'm able to handle stress that comes my way. So the tools that she's given me are long-lasting their lifelong things that I can use every single day and that my kids can use and that is the best gift ever!"

Lindsay, USA
"Claudia helped me to get clarity to understand myself better, know where I am and where I want to go, and how to bridge the gap between those two. If you are looking for clarity definitely work with Claudia."
Peiting, Singapore
mukti testimonial
"Working with Claudia has increased my intuition and ability to listen to my gut and what my body needs. I'm more aware of what I'm putting in my body - whether its food or emotions. In fact, meditation allowed me to lose weight effortlessly as I stopped snacking and started eating healthy with no effort."
Mukti, Singapore
migle testimonial
"I needed to have a fresh start. I needed clarity, guidance, and to know what to do next. That's why I came here. It gave me lots of key points where to start. I would really recommend to come here if you are confused or willing to start something new. Especially if you're tired of your past and want to have a better future."
Mia, Estonia