Congratulations for taking the first step towards transforming your life! Our meditations are designed to get you the most benefits from meditation. These meditations include strategies from the best masters across 30 countries so that you can get the most healing, relaxation, clarity, focus, and vitality.

Each guided meditation is 10 minutes. Please drink water before and after each meditation. Enjoy!

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Day 1 Releasing Negativity While Healing and Detoxing Your Body

Meditation will change your brain in just 8 weeks! This study from Harvard explains how meditation changes your brain. This meditation will help you:

  • Reverse the aging process
  • Eliminates stress
  • Boost your vitality and energy
  • Rejuvenate dead cells
  • Improve your immune system

Day 2: Manifesting Health, Wealth, and Joy!

In order to receive more, we must let go of what’s not serving us so that we have space to receive the new.

That’s exactly what today’s meditation will do! It will release your baggage, worries, fears, and pain so that you can make space to receive health, wealth, and love. 

Day 3: Strengthen and Protect Your Energy While Boosting Your Vitality!

When you strengthen your energy with this meditation, you increase the electromagnetic field around your body, which protects you from negative people.

Think about Mother Earth – she has a magnetic layer, ozone layer, and many other layers….

We have layers too just like the Earth! 

The heart’s magnetic field can be measured several feet away from the body by magnetometers. This energetic field wraps 360 degrees around your physical body!

The Institute of HeartMath Research Center found that the human heart emits the strongest electromagnetic field in our body.

Day 4: A Guided Meditation To Get More Clarity

Paul McCartney from the Beatles had a dream where he received the melody and lyrics from 2 of their biggest hit songs. Einstein discovered the principle of relativity after having a vivid dream. I received my book title and cover from a dream (the book will be published in 2020!)

Why are all these answers coming through dreams? That’s because when we are dreaming, we are tuning into the subconscious mind. 

Meditation is a powerful way to tune into the subconscious mind. Today’s meditation will help you tune into the power of this hidden knowledge within you so that you can find the solution to your problem or decision. 

Day 5: Reprogramming Your Mind For Success!

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a biologist researcher, explains how 95% of the day we function from the subconscious mind.

That means that we’re only aware of 5% of the things that we do every day! 

Right now you are breathing but you are NOT even thinking about it…yep 95% of your life you don’t REALLY know what you’re doing consciously. 

But there’s a way to change that so you can have more control over yourself and the world around you. 

Reprogram your subconscious mind.

Dr. Lipton explains that the brain’s programs are the fundamental indicators of your financial, emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Programs are also known as belief systems. These include the way you view money, love, and everything else.

They can either support or sabotage your success for example: 

“money is evil” or “money is a tool”
“love does not exist” or “I am surrounded by love”

This meditation will reprogram your mind so that success becomes effortless to you . Listen to this meditation as much as possible and you’ll create and attract the right opportunities for you to live a successful life.

Day 6: Guided Meditation To Relax

The reason why I created today’s Meditation to Relax is because your body is CONSTANTLY pumping blood, which takes a huge toll on your health.

In today’s world, stressors are normal and constant (notifications, emails, more work from your boss, traffic, war, terror attacks, trade wars, natural disasters, etc)

When your body is stressed, you pump more blood and force your heart to work harder and faster.

Obviously this takes a huge toll on your health, but unfortunately we don’t realize that until we end up in the hospital with chest pains, a stroke, heart attack, or worse. 

Harvard studies show that when you decrease your heart rate variability, you extend your life. 

Harvard’s Chief Medical Editor recommends, “To reduce stress, performing the relaxation response, meditation, tai chi, and other stress-busting techniques lowers the resting heart rate over time…by doing this.. you can start to lower your resting heart rate and also help maintain a healthy heart.”

Watch these stories of people JUST LIKE YOU who never meditated before and TRANSFORMED THEIR LIFE and HEALTH!

Cheers to living longer, happier, and healthier! Listen to the meditation, sit back, and relax. Please drink water before and after the meditation.

Day 7: Guided meditation for reversing the aging process and disease

In the past week you’ve probably experienced at least 7 of these benefits:

  • 1. Reversed the aging process – your skin is glowing 😉
  • 2. Decreased stress
  • 3. Lost weight or cut down on your snacking
  • 4. Improved your quality of sleep
  • 5. Got more clarity
  • 6. Decreased anxiety, stress, or depression
  • 7. Improved focus
  • 8. Improved decision making
  • 9. Improved mood
  • 10. Improved memory
  • 11. Healed your body NATURALLY
  • 12. Enhanced creativity
  • 13. Boosted your vitality and energy

Have you heard about the placebo effect and the power of the body to heal itself?

The placebo effect refers to the phenomenon when you take a pill that doesn’t have any medicine and you feel better – as if you had taken a real drug.

Basically, you trick your mind into thinking you took medicine, therefore, you feel better. 

Watch these stories of people JUST LIKE YOU who never meditated before and TRANSFORMED THEIR LIFE and HEALTH!

Harvard researchers, “discovered that the placebo was 50% as effective as the real drug to reduce pain…” 

You can read this article to learn more about the study
This effect clearly shows the power of our mind to heal us.

Isn’t that incredible?!

Haven’t you always wanted a magic pill that will make you feel better?

The good news is that you have direct access to that magic pill – and that’s your mind!

Want to learn howtap into your body’s ability toheal itself?

This meditation is designed to reverse the aging process and illnesses and help you unlock your body’s ability to heal itself!

Please drink water before and after the meditation.

Length 10 minutes

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