Transforming Through Shadow Work
Transforming Through Shadow Work

The subconscious mind rules 95% of our lives. It’s known as the shadow because we rarely have access to it.

The subconscious stores our relationship, career, health, and financial blocks.

When you get access to your subconscious mind, you gain more control over your life and environment.

PLOT TWIST: your heart is 5000x more powerful than your mind. This means that the key to the subconscious lies in your heart. 

Integrating all of your emotions (energy) will empower you to:

  • Influence people rather than them influence you (subconsciously)
  • Get more control over your life and environment
  • Discover and heal hidden blocks 
  • Avoid getting stuck
  • Have more clarity and less confusion
  • Release toxic habits and behaviors
  • Become healthier (75% – 95% of doctor visits are stress related)


Reincarnating on Earth can be difficult because we deal with so many of our own emotions in addition to those of others.

But mastering your emotions is the key to enlightenment. Ascension is impossible without integration. 

What is Shadow Work?

Shadow work helps you identify and heal hidden blocks.

It helps you become aware of the parts of yourself that you reject or deny. Shadow work leads to integration (healing and accepting yourself unconditionally.) Ascension is impossible without integration.

Integration leads to confidence, unconditional love, authenticity, and healthy relationships.


Why Me?

Because I’ve been there. During the darkest period of my life, I was suicidal.

I struggled with panic attacks, depression, severe anxiety, and insomnia. I had no self-worth, health issues, and I was in debt.

For the past 10 years, I went on a healing quest that took me to  30+ countries to learn from the best masters. Each of them stressed the importance of becoming free of fear.

Freedom from fear comes from within.

Using these techniques, I’ve grown to love myself unconditionally, married my twin flame, created a rewarding career, and most importantly: discovered my true self.

In this class you will learn how to identify the root cause of your fears, blocks, and “negative” emotions.

It’s only once you find the root cause, that you can truly change your life.

Overview of our class
Overview of our class

1. A 7-step process to transmute “negative” emotions into empowering emotions

2. Different techniques for practicing shadow work so that you actually get results

3. How to transform fear and self-doubt into empowerment

4. How to identify and heal trauma in the body

5. Connecting with and healing your inner child

6. How to get rid of blocks (emotional, mental, physical, financial, spiritual) and limiting beliefs that are holding you back

7. How to unconditionally accept and love yourself

8. How to create healthy boundaries with people

9. How to master your emotions and energy

Once these techniques are in your hands, you will know how to get rid of any blocks
Because when you unlock your innate healing abilities, you become your BEST HEALER
What you get:
1. A class taught LIVE on Zoom so that you can ask your questions 
2. Class recording
3. Access to private Facebook community where you’ll continue receiving support and resources

4. Proven affirmations to help you get results 19x faster
5. Healing meditations
5. Your purchase matters. A portion of all profits will be donated.

SPACE LIMITED to keep the class intimate so that you can ask questions. Secure your spot NOW!

I’ve been blessed to work with people from 66 countries, and I have not had one single failure yet.

That’s because I’ve thrown out all techniques that don’t work, and only teach what works.
I focus on getting you results. But don’t just take it from me, see what results our students got:
"It was an amazing experience! One thing that separates Claudia from all the free tutorials online is how to navigate safely. I highly recommend her class if you’re wanting to take things to the next level."
Marla, Hawaii
"Such an amazing experience! Learned much more than I ever have in a 3 hours class and felt like I came out so much more confident and powerful. Definitely gave me tools to unlock my highest self. Excited to get started on my meditations!""
Alix, USA
"Claudia is absolutely amazing when it comes to really breaking things down so that you can not only understand it, but FEEL it yourself! After just two classes with her my doubts and fears are gone. Her beautifully gentle meditation from her Alchemy class helped me realize I always had the power to heal myself. She's helped me unleash the fire I always had within. I face the world with the courage of a lion and the grace of a swan now. Open your mind and heart and allow yourself to walk into her classes with faith in yourself, and you'll find everything you were looking for."
Melanie, Canada
"My experience was amazing I can see auras. I have learnt how to deal with my emotions better."
Nathan, UK
"The course was eye opening. I found the way to harness power in a way I’ve never been able to do so."
Jennifer, USA (Clairvoyant)
"I always get results with Claudia. She is so encouraging, supportive and immensely knowledgeable! I always come away with learning exercises to do in my daily life and I’ve really felt the benefits of her teachings. I learned how to strengthen my aura, infuse things with energy for healing and how to get the most out of meditation ( and so much more)!!! Claudia is such an incredible teacher and guide!"
Marina, USA
The techniques I'll show you are not talent driven, but technique driven. All you have to do is implement the techniques and you will get results.
Claudia compressed
I've been there too...

I remember feeling frustrated, blocked, anxious, and completely lost.

I knew there was something bigger that I wanted to do, but I wasn’t sure how to make an impact.

I embraced this uncertainty and went on a quest.

My quest took me to 30 countries to learn from the best masters from across the world, I didn’t learn this from Google. I went directly to Source.

Before I found my mentors, I was lost, anxious, and in debt. This journey was not easy. But once I found the right mentors, everything changed.

I knew exactly what I needed to do to transform my life. I host classes to continue my mentors’ work. It was thanks to them that I went from confusion to solution.

Your journey might be different than mine, but after connecting with like minded people, you’ll realize that you’re not alone.

All you need is the right support and techniques to unlock your unlimited potential.

Cant wait to transform together!

Much love,


"The class was informative and easily applicable. I felt goosebumps, had epiphanies and have meditated every morning since I took the class. I’m now able to focus better with studying, have more energy in the morning and sleep better."
Shaikha, UAE
"I loved the exercises and will definitely be using this in my daily personal life and during healings sessions with my coaching clients."
Ixiomara, Netherlands
"I have been looking at this concept for a while. Now Claudia explained it very clearly to us with a very hands-on method. This generated instant result. I felt super energetic, like I drank 10 coffee's but more clear, calm and peaceful. At the end of the course It was 3am in Europe, I super awake and excited ready to step into the world. I will definitely join in again next time!"
Ramses, Belgium
"It was paced just right and the group was comfortable; all levels were made to feel included. I can’t wait to learn more from Claudia."
Terri, USA
“Merging spirituality and science induced both sides of my brain to understand how the non physical and the physical work together to optimize the whole mind and manipulate energy in order to heal and expand consciousness altogether. A true teacher and loving soul bringing light through understanding, healing and ascension.
Mason, USA
My experience was wonderful. Affirmation that I'm on the right path. Two people from different worlds, yet receiving the same guidance from other "sources". I'm not really sure how to put it into words. If it calls to you, it's meant for YOU.
Victoria, USA
SPACE LIMITED to keep the class intimate so that you can ask questions. Secure your spot NOW!